Blood Sugar Harmony Capsules

Blood Sugar Harmoney Capsules

Blood sugar concentration (or glucose levels), refers to the amount of glucose (sugar) in the blood at any specific time. When we fail to maintain a healthy blood glucose level, our body will feel off balance.

If blood levels drop too low, or this continues for too long, a condition called hypo-glycemia may develop presenting as symptoms of fatigue, mental function impairment, irritability, or muscle weakness. If blood levels go too high, diabetes, heart conditions, nerve damage, inflammation, or eyesite may be affected.

By taking Blood Sugar Harmony capsules, you can effectively control your blood glucose levels and maintain healthy blood levels.

This product contains: Cinnamon Bark (certified organic) – 200mg; Nopal Opuntina Cactus (ethically wildcrafted) – 100mg; Gymnema Herb (25% Gymnemic Acid) – 45mg; Bitter Melon Fruit (Selectively imported) – 45mg; Fenugreek Seed (certified organic) – 45mg; Chromium (as nicotinate) – 240mg; Stevia Leaf Extract – 5mg; Modified vegetable cellulose

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