Moringa Leaf

moringa leaf powder health benefits

In making The Superfood Diet powder we constantly strive to find ingredients that have the most life-giving, powerful, ingredients. Enter the Moringa Leaf.

The amazing leaf of the Moringa plant is considered one of the most nutritious on the planet, packed full of nutrients with 90 vitamins and 46 antioxidants. Wow! Now that is a Superfood.

Moringa Leaf Health Benefits

Some consider the Moringa tree the most healing tree in the world. The Ayurvedic movement has been using Moringa leaf for years in the prevention of over 300 diseases. In India, Ayurvedic Physicians use it in their standard treatment protocol and there are many projects around the world using Moringa leaf as well. Third world countries are treating the malnourished and starved with much success, other’s are using it for the treatment in aids, autoimmune diseases and a assortment of other life threatening complications with the same success.

moringa leaf health benefitsSo the question is, how does this little leaf contain so much power and potential to change ones life ??? It’s simple…

Moringa leaves are highly nutritious and are rich in vitamins D, K, A, C, B6, Manganese, Magnesium, Lysine, Riboflavin, Calcium, Thiamin, Potassium, Iron, Protein and Niacin. Ounce for ounce, Moringa contains seven times the Vitamin C found in oranges, four times the beta carotene of carrots, three times the iron of spinach, four times as much calcium as milk, three times the potassium of bananas and more fiber than oats. Moringa also contains all 8 essential amino acids and is rich in flavonoids, including Quercetin, Kaempferol, Beta-Sitosterol, Caffeoylquinic acid and Zeatin.

It is impossible today to get what your body needs to be healthy without incorporating Superfoods such as Moringa leaf into one’s diet. Our food is filled with chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, GMO’S, preservatives, dyes, antibiotics, steroids, growth hormones, AND our soils are depleted. So even if you eat perfectly you are still in need of The Superfood Diet. The body can’t and will not run properly if you do not give it the right stuff.


Moringa – native to parts of Africa and Asia, can grow as tiny herbs or giant trees


In The Superfood Diet we incorporate Moringa leaf into your diet through our amazing Superfood powder. This is just one of the over-the-top Superfoods in our powder.

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