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” Last spring I finally decide it was time to look at myself and be kinder and more in love with “me”. I purchased the Nourished4Life 3 week weight-loss program and Thankfully I did!!! It changed my life. I wasn’t there to primarily lose weight but rather become more healthy and complete in what I… Read more

” I took part in the 3 week weight-loss program at Nourished4Life. I was at a place in my life that I wanted to make a change. I lacked energy and thought that I may have some food allergies. Initially, the program was difficult. It required planning, but after a few days it worked out… Read more

” I entered Nourished4Life’s world almost 3 years ago to the day! I was doing everything I could do on my own to keep in shape and feel good. I was at a plateau and decided to do the N4L’s weight-loss program. The results were amazing. My physical body, energy and complexion all were positively… Read more

” I did my first N4L weight-loss program in January (2010). I had been suffering from joint pain for 3+ years. At the time, I was on a lot of medications and of course I was dealing with the side affects from everything. I was really miserable and rather desperate. Some of my good friends… Read more

” I loved my experience with Nourished4Life. It was a little intimidating at first and I wasn’t sure I could embrace it, but immediately I was relieved and on board. N4L has a very open, relaxed and excited approach to health and wellness. They makes it fun and accessible for even the most beginner healthy-lifestyle… Read more