Addiction Support

Addiction Support

My work is very personal. While some people work to pay the bills and others work out of fascination for their subjects, my passion is driven from overcoming a personal health crisis and my desire to enhance the lives of others who suffer from toxic addictions. For sixteen years, eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, and then malnourishment dominated my existence. I “appeared” to be functioning, but my life had no balance and my health was deteriorating at a rapid pace.

When I sought help from conventional sources, not one professional questioned the reasons I was so sick or thought to even look at my lifestyle. The medical profession focused on an organ rather than on all of me. Subsequently, I faced surgery for an illness I did not have and was prescribed four prescription medications that I was told I would have to take for the rest of my life. At the young age of 33, the absurdity of taking medications to counter the effects of other medications and the brutality of endless rounds of needles and knives took hold of me. I said enough!

Taking my health and well-being into my own hands, I began to research alternative therapies and educate myself on the benefits of herbs and supplements. I began taking courses at the universities, studying with renowned leaders in the field of naturopathy, and applying new and innovative health strategies into my life. My long path to recovery was filled with many missteps, heartache, and fear, as well as eye-opening revelations and triumphs. Ultimately, I learned that a simple solution can remedy the most complex health issues; I discovered that the missing piece in my search for wellness and wholeness was nutrients.

Today, my work is dedicated to finding the missing links for you as I did for myself. Chronic illness, addictions, and eating disorders are complex and multifaceted. In our Nourished4Life Addiction Program, you will learn how to stop the cycles and struggles that keep you from achieving a more intentional, fulfilled life, and be given the tools to sustain a healthy lifestyle that is full and rich with direction and meaning.

The Nourished4Life community offers individualized programs, 24/7 support, and nutritional products that will assist in your recovery to optimal health. You are not alone. Together, we will create balance in your body, mind, and soul.

Wishing you health and happiness,