” Last spring I finally decide it was time to look at myself and be kinder and more in love with “me”. I purchased the Nourished4Life 3 week weight-loss program and Thankfully I did!!! It changed my life.

I wasn’t there to primarily lose weight but rather become more healthy and complete in what I ate and what I did on a daily basis. I started the program in May and was 100% involved in all they said to do for three weeks. At first it was very challenging to follow the schedule of pills and food guidelines, but after a couple of days it became natural and easy. Quickly I noticed I had more energy and my stomach was not upset all the time (which it was before I did the program). I struggled for a cup of coffee but knew if I stuck to the program I would not miss the ups and downs of caffeine. I cannot explain the feeling of euphoria that set in at the end of the second week, it was as if I was floating. I slept like a baby; I had more energy throughout the day, and was not experiencing anymore mood swings. I felt so clean and healthy on the inside and out and was amazed by how when you feed yourself natural elements from the earth, as it was designed…you feel great!

Amazingly, I lost 20 pounds but more importantly gained “me” back to who I’ve wanted to be for 10 years. It has been 7 months and I am still sticking to what I learned. I try to stay totally devoted during the week and play a little more on the weekends. I try to work out 4 to 5 times a week and still haven’t had any caffeine.

If anyone needs a complete lift…I strongly encourage you to do the 3 week weight-loss program. You will not be sorry! ”

– Kerri

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